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Cybersecurity Services

Our "Defense in Depth" strategy is
effective against all types of threats.

IT Managed Services

Whatever you have, we have you covered.
Flexible "on-demand" and flat fee services are available.

Professional Services

Advanced solutions tailored to your requirements
and unique business objectives.

Cloud Services

Get your applications up and running quickly,
using only the resources you need.


Partner with a company that has been successfully defending business networks like yours for over 15 years. 

Managed Services
Managed Services allows you to concentrate on your business objectives instead of dealing with computer issues. 

Professional Services
With Professional Services, receive a custom solution tailored to your requirements and unique business objectives. 

Cloud Services
Get your applications up and running faster using the cloud, with improved manageability and less maintenance.  

Experience Matters
Since 1995, Brown & Company has evolved into one of the most trusted, reliable and innovative partners in the region.  Give us a call today to find out how your organization can benefit from advancements in technology including cloud services, virtualization and converged infrastructure.

If you have questions about any of the services we provide, please contact us.